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Paradise Club

Éliou is a Miami-based, gender-inclusive statement. A brand that celebrates the artisanal through a series of expressive pieces that tell a story and encourage admirers to experiment with their everyday style. The eagerly anticipated launch of its first pop-up store has arrived, taking place in The Standard for Art Basel, where it will remain in residence through January 2023.


The approach for this undertaking was to echo and magnify The Standard’s architecture. Drawn from a series of forms inspired by Éliou’s jewelry, an enthralling indoor-outdoor cabana experience has been mastered. Each form consists of a colorful solid that intersects with a wooden structure, offering warmth to the space while maintaining a robust pop of color.  

The forms are situated strategically to create a circulatory flow for optimized movement, attracting onlookers for an elevated user experience. Three forms are placed outdoors with angles that direct traffic towards the interior space.

We teamed up with Trend Group, one of the world’s leading producers of color glass mosaics, Venetian enamel, gold leaf tesserae, and engineered stone surfaces to uplift the forms as products. For this project, we selected their proprietary engineered stone, Etherium ®, a lightweight and enduring Terrazzo constructed from recycled aggregates of glass.

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