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FORM No. 03

The FORM #003 collection emerged from our personal need to store, organize, and display the various instruments commonly found at our workstations. After ample exploration, we arrived at this tray, canister, and cup set. The set not only provides its intended organizational purpose but also features a sensorial design that invites the user to interact with the pieces. As the user moves through the space around them, an optical illusion draws attention to the wave pattern, providing a unique tactile quality brought by the manufacturing process and materiality.

Credits: FRM Studio


BNCH #002


Credits: FRM Studio

Design, Fabrication & Assembly: Elmer Garcia,

Photography: Elmer Garcia & Julian Ramirez

BNCH 002

Jaguar SS100 Dashboard

The Jaguar SS100 Dashboard Designed by FRM Studio has three layers consisting of:  #walnut #wood at the top with #stainlesssteel trims on the sides for aesthetics, a rubber gasket underneath to protect the wood from dissipation, and an #aluminum backing that acts as structural support.

Client: Helmet One

Credits: FRM Studio

Walnut Milling: Creative Creative & Julian Ramirez

Photography: Pedro Munarriz


BNCH - FRM Bench 001

BNCH is a multi-use furniture piece that was designed and fabricated by FRM Studio Its dynamic design allows users to experience the piece as a seating element, desk, and table.

Credits: Elmer Garcia, Jorge Somarriba, Alexis Reyes.

Photography: Miguel Rodriguez

BNCH 001